Variable Air Volume (VAV) Boxes are required to control air supply as per the requirement in an air distribution network of air flow in a particular zone. VAV Boxes are used very frequently in office space, commercial towers, conference rooms & control area to control temperature & try to achieve a particular set point given to its thermostat.

VAV Boxes by varying airflow can control various parameters like temperature, CO2 level, positive differential pressure, depending upon its application. It also attains substantial energy saving by blocking access air into the duct & hence in-turn low rpms of AHU fans, unlike constant air volume system which is not capable of achieving high energy efficiency.

Triton is associated with Honeywell Automation to bring out the best quality Variable Air Volume system to its customers. WE became proud ‘exclusive channel partners for VAV system of Honeywell Automation for complete country in year 2014.

We provide Pressure Independent type Variable air volume boxes, factory fitted with a microprocessor DDC controller, damper, damper actuator, cross flow velocity sensor with differential pressure transmitter, thermostat and in-built step down transformer. VAV boxes are calibrated in factory & undergo Honeywell’s stringent quality check tests before being shipped out of factory.

We can also customize VAV boxes as per the requirement of customer like, single skinned, double skinned, by-pass, multi leaf, with heating element etc.

VAV controller comes with BACNet® MS/TP communication standard, which is widely accepted for third party integration across the country. We also provide tested integrators for VAV integration.

In past years we have successfully commissioned VAV system at so many prestigious multi-national client offices across the country, catering to their customized requirements.

Applications successfully commissioned are briefed below.

Zone Temperature Application

This is the most common type of application, required to control temperature by varying air flow. The most critical of them were heating & cooling application, where air temperature changes as per the weather condition, & hence VAV operation also reversed to achieve a set point. Our technical team has mastered these applications to ensure proper operation of the system.

Fresh Air/ Ventilation (Demand Control Ventilation) Application

In Demand Control Ventilation, a VAV operates to limit & measure the air flow required to maintain a CO2 differential level in a particular zone. A high CO2 level can cause lower work efficiency of the work force. Also access fresh air intake in an AHU can decrease its energy efficiency. In order to control an optimum level of CO2 differential level, a Variable Air Volume Box finds its application, it measures CO2 level & modulate accordingly to maintain a CO2 level inside a work space. We have commissioned systems having such requirement across the country successfully.

Our controllers are fully compatible to maintain VOC level, rH level etc. to provide a controlled environment.

Differential Pressure Application

We have also come across differential pressure application, where a VAV is placed in return duct, & it allows maintaining a higher pressure in the controlled area. This application is generally used in controlled environment like clean room, drug formulation chambers, storage cabins, Server rooms etc. Applying VAV system, an efficient dust free system can be provided by maintaining a positive pressure inside the zone.

We have undertaken these critical application & successfully commissioned them.

VAV Box CFM Range: We offer an extensive range of CFMs from 62 cfm to 8000 cfm

Unit Size I/s   Min-Max CFM   Min-Max
6 29 - 212 62 - 450
8 52 - 378 110 - 800
10 85 - 637 180 - 1350
12 127 - 991 270 - 2100
14 189 - 1510 400 - 3200
16 269 - 1888 570 – 4000
24x16 1416-3775 3000-8000