A futuristic charging service combines physical components such as charging stations, swap stations, on board charges, telematics systems and the virtual components like cloud service, analytics, intuitive dashboard, and artificial intelligence to deliver a one stop solution. We can support you on any of your EV charging requirements with various options for connectors like CHADEMO, CCS2 and GB/T.

What is AC EVSE Charging?

Alternating Current (AC) is passes through "Onboard Charger" (AC-DC Converter) which is built inside the car. It converts power from AC to DC and then feeds it into the car's battery. AC chargers are usually smaller in capacity & slow charging.

Typical rating: 3.3 KW - 11 KW

What is DC EVSE Charging?

A DC charger has AC-DC converter inside the charger itself which can feed Direct Current (DC) into the car's battery and doesn't need the onboardcharger to convert it. DC chargers are typically higher in capacity & fast in charging.

Typical rating: 30 KW - 60 KW