Cover every application with one control valve brand

  • VBN/VBF Control ball valves control hot and chilled water in HVAC systems to provide two-position, floating, or modulating functions.
  • Order them with or without factory-mounted non-spring return or spring return direct-coupled actuators.
  • Flanged control ball valve offering available (VBF)
  • Accurate flow control
  • Simplified actuator selection with a large range of Cvs
  • Built for safety and endurance with a blowout-proof stem to withstand high pressure and optional NEMA 3R enclosure for weatherproofing
  • Field replaceable stem allows valve to be serviced and replaced on the pipe
  • Threaded 2-Way models up to 3" and 3-Way models up to 2-1/2"
  • Parabolic flow insert constructed into the ball provides high quality seals and precise control
  • Multi-actuator mounting bracket allows the same bracket to be utilized on all valves
  • Removable manual operating handle to control valve during installation or in an event of power failure

With line sizes ranging from ½” to 2” sizes (Cv ranging from 0.4 to 250), Siemens 599 Series Ball Valves can control hot or chilled water and up to 50% glycol solution in convectors, fan coil units, unit conditioners, radiation, and reheat coils.

Universal mounting plate Accommodates different actuator sizes Allows use of any sized OpenAir actuator on same valve body with no additional linkage
Flow optimizer Generates equal percentage flow characteristic for proper water coil application Provides linear heating response from control coil – aids in proper loop control
Actuator mounting standoff and thermally isolated bracket Provides a thermal barrier between actuator and valve Allows actuator to be used in higher temperature applications
Manual override handle Enables hand operation of valve Allows operator to manually operate valve in event of a power failure
Higher close-off 200 psi close-off for all line sizes Less worry about close-off pressures; matches or exceeds competitors’ close-off pressure
Expanded Cv offering Provides more options for perfect matching of valve with control loop Better sizing of valves to the job requirements
Full port models available at each line size Perfect for on/off applications Allows use of a consistent product line through all applications
Stainless steel or chrome plated ball Provides performance and cost choices Able to meet stainless steel specifications where required, while offering cost effective chrome plated option across entire product line
GQD spring return actuators for ½ and ¾ inch valves Lower torque, lower priced actuator for small valves Competitive performance and pricing
Utilizes OpenAir Series of direct-coupled actuators Provides quarter-turn (90°) rotation of valve stem and ball Proven actuation for precision control of ball valves
Double O-ring blow-out proof stem seal Provides redundant leakage protection and positively protects against blow-out Ensures long life and consistent performance in the most demanding environments
Actuator may be indexed into four positions Actuator may be mounted to valve in 90° increments Provides flexibility in installation to adapt to space constraints