EAC Filters

Good indoor air quality, thermal comfort, daylight, good acoustics and amenities – all play a vital role in creating a healthy and productive workplace. A healthy and productive work environment is a key element of any green sustainable building, given that the vast majority of real costs for any business are connected to staffing costs, including salaries and benefits.

Keeping the same in view along with the current rise in real time air quality index(AQI) across all cities in India, we have introduced electrostatic air cleaner or electronic air cleaner (EAC) in market that uses an electric charge to remove impurities - either solid particles or liquid droplets - from the air. The electronic air cleaner functions by applying energy only to the particulate matter to be collected, without significantly impeding the flow of air and hence resulting in very low static loss. The product is UL approved and MERV 14 rated.

Model F58H1006 F58H1006
No. of Cells 1 Heavy Duty Commercial cell 2 Heavy Duty Commercial cell
Capacity 1000 cfm(1700m³/hr) 2000 cfm(3400m³/hr)
Mounting Duct Mounted
Housing Galvanised Steel Cabinet
Operating Ambient 4°C to 52°C
Colour Silver
Dimensions 360 x 610 x 171 mm 360 x 610 x 171 mm
Weight 16.9 kg(Shipped) 16.9 kg(Shipped)
Certification UL / PSB / MERV 14
Electrical Ratings Voltage and Frequency
Power Supply: 220 - 240 Vac, 50 Hz Power
Consumption: 36 W maximum
Current Draw: 0.2 A
Ionizer Voltage: 8150 Vdc
Collector Voltage: 4075 Vdc

UV Filters

We have a offering of UV system which applies UV technology to zap and kill airborne contaminants. These filters can work in various conditions like molds in AHU cooling coils, along with EAC filters to provide cleaner air for better work environment or directly concentrating on upper air section for disinfection.

Product Code HUVF58C1000 HUVF58C2000
Lamp length (mm) 500 500 (2 lamps)
Wavelength (nm) 253.7 253.7
Wattage (W) 23 46
Effective life (Hrs) 12000 12000
Power Factor 0.9 0.9
Current (mA) 425 425
Product length (mm) 350 665
Product width (mm) 110 110
Product height (mm) 612 612
Net weight (kg) 4.5 6.5
Gross weight (kg) 7.0 9.0