BTU meters are used on chiller lines to measure the energy consumed by the chillers in the cooling process. Our BTU meters are constantly used in projects and recommended by various consultants and BMS providers across the country. Shenitech ST-280T BTU meters are based on Ultrasonic Transit Time Technology. These BTU meters assure Class-2 accuracy and have a tamper-proof model as per the energy norms in various countries.

These BTU meters have an in-built battery i.e. no hassles of power supply on the site. Battery back-up lasts for 6 years. Since there is no moving part in the sensor assembly these meters are maintenance free and hence has high reliability.

Unmatched Advatages of Shenitech BTU Meters
  • We have an entire range of ultrasonic flowmeter from 15mm to Line sizes more than 700mm and customized for higher line sizes as per your requirements.
  • Our meters can detect a very high capacity of flow. Because of the high flow capacity, we need a lower size meter for a certain flow rate.
    - For example: 100mm line size might require our 65mm flow meter.
    This enables cost saving and also proper sizing of the meter.
  • All our meters are wet calibrated where the temperature and flow sensor are calibrated together and we give a calibration certificate with each and every meter.
  • All our meters have an inbuilt battery backup – guaranteed for a minimum of 6 years.Hence no hassels of giving rthe power supply and spending unnecessary cabling and cable laying cost.
  • No reflector used for detection of flow. This ensure that meters are very robust and don’t have any problems even after years of operation. This ensures efficiency of meter and maintenance free years of operation.
  • Single point source for meters, hardware for interconnectivity (M-Bus) and software for billing and meter reading. This ensures zero dependence on a third party. Also we ensure that the system is up and running at all times.
  • Tamper proof design---ensures no tampering in the final bill
  • 2 years international warranty on all the products