AMCA Approved Louvers

Performance louvers, Architectural louvers & Acoustic louvers
Ruskin can also provide AMCA certified louvers.

Different types of louvers are given below:

  • Stationary Louver – For routine intake and exhaust
  • Adjustable Louver – For airflow control purpose
  • Drainable Louver – For rainy conditions
  • Wind driven Rain Louvers – For high intensity rain proof design
  • Acoustical Louvers – For sound reduction in the system
  • Sand Trap Louvers – For regions having sand particles in air
  • Sun Control Sunshades – For sunshade purpose


Titus grilles are designed by a skilled engineering staff using the latest technology and are tested by the most current industry standards and methods. Grilles typically direct air out of a duct nearly the same size as the opening. Titus offers a wide variety of grilles to ensure flexibility for architects and engineers.

Designed for both heating and cooling applications, Grilles can be manufactured of 3 mm and 5 mm thickness of blade and with color dampers for supply applications.

Grilles are also available in deflection of 0 Degree, 15 Degree 1 way and 2 Way.

Maximum one piece section is 6 feet. Lengths greater than 6 feet are furnished in multiple sections, Sections can be joined together end-to-end for continuous appearance, using standard alignment strips or alignment wires.


Outer frames and central core are manufactured from stamped aluminum sheet or high quality Aluminum extrusion mechanically crimped available in different types.

Round Diffuser i.e. TI-RD are made in Aluminum construction with fixed core. The applications may be for Supply, Return and Exhaust.

Titus provide Linear Slot Diffusers i.e. MLC for Continuous Length Applications.

Jet Nozzles

Titus provide Spot Diffuser for those applications where Large Air Volume and longer air throw are required.

TI-SD are made in Aluminium Construction with 40 Degree rotatable core.