Large capacity. Small Dimensions.

  • Offer two-position or modulating control of chilled and hot water, cooling tower systems, and thermal storage systems
  • Pipe sizes from 2 - 20" for both 2-Way and 3-Way applications
  • Floating, modulating, 2-position direct coupled actuators and industrial-grade electric actuators; high and low pressure spring and non-spring return pneumatic actuators
  • Lug body
  • Manual shut-off valves for end-of-line service
  • Corrosion resistant coating
  • Heavy duty, corrosion-resistant top bushing, located in the upper journal, absorbs actuator side thrust
  • Each valve is factory tested to 110% of specified pressure rating
Molded-in resilient seat Provides bubble-tight shut off to 150 psi Reduces energy costs associated with media leakage
Lugged body Drilled and tapped two-sided connection Allows isolation and removal of downstream piping while system is pressurized
Round polished disc Provides 360° concentric seating, minimum flow restriction, lower torque requirement, and longer seat life - Enables superior close off, while decreasing energy losses
- Lower torque requirements allow use of lower cost actuators 
- Provides years of trouble-free service
Upper and lower inboard bronze bearings Precisely aligns disk and reduces friction Requires lower torque and maintains precise alignment for positive close off
Thru-stem design High strength and positive disk control, as well as standardized end connection Increases control and allows for various actuator configurations
Extended neck Provides additional clearance Allows full insulation of piping and maintains clearance for flanges
Heavy duty corrosion resistant top bushing Supports stem against side loads Superior control and long life