Ultrasonic flow measurement is among the best & most accurate technology available these days. It is widely accepted & prominently used across the industries due to its non-cohesive nature with the flow media. It is also non-effected in high magnetic field zones, where other technologies like electromagnetic & Boltzmann’s turbine technologies might have a challenge.

Our Shenitech ultrasonic flow meters work on Transit time principle which ensures high accuracy. Our ultrasonic flow meters are used not only for domestic water application but also in dirty water having high TDS, in Sewerage treatment & effluent treatment application.

Transit time principle is annotated as below.

“It is the time difference taken by two UH frequency pulses to reach the diametrically opposite ends of the pipe, which is related to the velocity of the fluid media inside pipe in direct proportion”

Suppose ‘T1’ is the time taken by pulse to travel downstream to the flow of media & ‘T2’ is the time take by the pulse to travel upstream of the flow media moving unidirectional with velocity ‘v’ , then time difference ‘δT’ is related to velocity as

(T2 – T1) = δT      Or      δT α v      Or      δT = k * v      Or      δT/k = v

Cross section area of pipe is ‘A’
Then Flow rate ‘Q’ can be calculated as


We can offer inline type as well as clamp-on and insertion type sensors, depending upon the applications’ requirement. Our flow meters offer all standard signal outputs like analog outputs (4- 20 mA or 0-10 VDC), Modbus over RS-485, M-Bus etc. which is widely accepted for third party integration.

Benefits & Features
  • Low maintenance as no moving parts
  • High Accuracy as high as ± 1%
  • OIML R49 standard. CE Approval
  • Low pressure drop
  • Tamper Proof Design
  • Low Cost Over long run
  • We have all types of sensors option available as far as mounting is considered. The sensor selection is generally depend upon the application & site conditions. We recommend to take our expert advice before making selection of appropriate sensor.
Clamp-on Flow Meter
  • Non-intrusive. No risk of contamination or leakage
  • Easy installation. No pipe cutting, no hole drilling. Save installation cost
  • Can be easily moved from one location to another
  • For pipe size DN25 ~ DN6,000 (1”~240”)
Insertion Flow Meter
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Better accuracy than clamp-on
  • Better signal strength, thus, better performance than clamp-on when liquid has some solids
  • For pipe size ≥DN80 (3”)
Inline Flow Meter
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Best accuracy among the three transducer types
  • Flowmeter is pre-programmed in factory, thus, it is a simple plug and play device
  • For pipe size DN10~DN500 (3/8”~20”)