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Pressure Independent Control Valves (PICV)
Deliver high efficiency in less time
Pressure independent control valves balance the system at every point over the range of the control valve within 5% accuracy
Control flow exactly at all load conditions, not just at design conditions
Improved control and performance helps extend actuator life expectancy
High Turn-Down Ratio/Equal Percentage Flow results in linear heat transfer for optimal control. The characterized insert is integral to the ball, resulting in longer service life and higher differential pressure capabilities.
Less torque is needed, so you can use lower-cost, low-torque actuators on larger pipe sizes
No Cv calculation required - just pick the valve that matches the flow requirements - Flow range of 1 to 95 gpm
Field serviceable stem allows valve to be serviced in the field rather than cut from the pipe
Optional test ports facilitate system set-up for balancing report
Manual override to control valve during installation or in the event of power failure
Full range of sizes from 1/2" to 6"
5-year actuator warranty
Features Functions Benefits
Pressure independent sizing - Eliminates need for calculating Cv using flow and pressure drop. - Simplified valve sizing.
Adjustable flow limiter - Analog scale provides flexible adjustment of maximum flow allowed through the device.
- Eliminates over-supply.
- Locking nut prevents accidental changes to maximum flow setting.
- Energy cost savingsOptimized performance.
- Simplified balancing for fast and trouble free commissioning.
- Commissioning cost savings.
Mechanism for maximum flow setting is independent of valve stroke - Always maintains full stroke of valve. - Greater control resolution and precision
- Excellent control accuracy.
Stroke valve design - Uses standard Siemens SS Series, SQS, SAX, and new SQV globe valve actuators.
- Eliminates deadband associated with ball valve actuators at beginning and end of stroke.
- Common actuator wiring simplifies installation.
- Greater control over the whole stroke of the valve and actuator.
Automatic pressure regulator - Automatic balancing and pressure independent 
- Maintains constant flow through the valve at any given control setting regardless of the pressure fluctuations in the system.
- Always maintain maximum valve authority.
- Avoid over- and under-flow.
- Energy cost savings
- Easier balancing and shorter commissioning times.
- Commissioning cost savings.
- Eliminate “hunting”, increased actuator life due to fewer repositions.
- Greater comfort due to better control.
Automatic balancing - Adjustable flow limiter and automatic pressure regulator automatically balance the system loop. - System expansions do not require re-balancing of existing system.
P/T Ports - Measure differential pressure across the device.
- Standard on flanged valves.
- Optional accessory kit for threaded valves.
- Easily validate that the device is operating in the design range for pressure independent functionality.
- Saves time troubleshooting problems.
Proven Actuator families - Familiar, rugged and reliable Siemens actuators have been installed in well over a million applications worldwide. - Ensure highest levels of customer satisfaction.
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