Technology Leader and Total Integrated Solution Provider
Globe Valves and Valve Actuators
Provde the rangeability and close-off needed to keep tight control of the environment
Available in threaded (1/2" - 3") or flanged (2-1/2" - 6")
2-Way and 3-Way
Equal percentage flow
Stainless steel stem and trim
2-position or precision modulating control of hot and chilled water or steam
Accurate positioning with equal percentage and linear flow characteristics to ensure state-of-the-art temperature control
Forged Brass valve body Higher pressures in the forging process align the grains of metal Smoother, not as heavy as cast Bronze valves for same ANSI 250 pressure class rating
Standard actuator connection Only hand tightening requiredEliminates separate actuator-to-valve linkage - No tools required to install
- Fewer parts to order, install, and maintain
- Simpler product selection
- Easy Pneumatic to Electronic interchangeReduces installation time
Standard stroke-5.5 mm Precise balance of stroke vs. performance Allows high performance flow control with minimal product size
Spring range built-in to valve (1/2” to 1” line sizes only) for pneumatic actuator Allows single part number for actuator Reduces selection complexity and inventory for service parts
2-way (Normally Open/Normally Closed) and 3-way (Mixing) Valves available for all applications Allows consistent use of product throughout a system
Choice of Brass (25 psi) or Stainless (50 psi) trim Provides a range of performance and cost Single product family may be used in demanding performance situations and also be cost competitive in lower stress environments
½” to 1” line size, 0.40 to 25 Cv Large range of end connection options Minimizes the need for reducers and ancillary pipe fittings
Meet ANSI/FCI 70.2 Standard Class IV valve seat leakage specification Valve seat leakage is less than 0.01% of Cv at rated close-off pressure Tight shut-off of controlled device eliminates overheating/cooling and reduces energy consumption
Parabolic control plugs Provides accurate flow control curves at an affordable price point Best price/performance combination
Double O-ring packing construction Single packing for water applications 32°F to 250°F, 15 psig steam One valve to stock
No-service stem packing Long-life packing, lubricated for life of valve Minimize service time – valve is disposable at end of service life
Choice of end connections Union fitting options allow easy service replacement of worn valve assemblies - Basic FxF NPT valve is price competitive with all industry valves
- Fitting options allow for easy access to valve components by quickly removing valve from line
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