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Basement Ventilation Solution
Basement Car parking is a need of hour, due to exponential increase in number of vehicles in recent years. Today, every building whether residential or commercial requires a multilevel basement parking, where a large number of vehicles can be parked. Parking levels are vast open area covered from all side & hence there is a chance of high CO level & in turn low Oxygen level.

Carbon mono Oxide is a poisonous gas & inhalation of this gas in large quantity can damage brain cells or even death due to lack of oxygen in body. Thus every car parking needs a ventilation system, designed as per the guidelines mentioned in National Building Code of India. This ventilation system has large exhaust & fresh air jet fans which generally run on constant speed all through & hence maintain a desired level of oxygen inside a car parking.

The power consumed by this system is an overhead & can be minimized by proper automation of system, by maintaining CO level within limit. The tolerable concentration of CO in a basement is upto 30 ppm. By Automatizing ventilation system the high cost of running ventilation fans can be curtailed as well as we can monitor CO level in various part of car parks.

Triton provides complete solution for the requirements related to automation of basement ventilation. We help customer in selecting proper sensors with range & design the system as per their requirement. We give automation panels, with visual display of CO levels with sequencing of exhaust fans & manual fan start-stop function for fans. These panels are communicable type & can be integrated with Fire & Alarm system as well as Building management system.
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